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This is a work in progress.  Information may be changed or added to.

Headtube Decal

1st Generation – I have seen no proof  Speed Unlimited Rocket car 1978

2nd Generation – “Speed” 1979 (even late 78 perhaps)-81 (perhaps early 82)

3rd Generation – “T” 82 till end of Thruster


Rear Brake Bridge

1st Generation – Round tubing 1981 and earlier

2nd Generation – Flat bridge with “T” stamped into it. 1982 and later


Serial Numbers

No early Thruster had a serial number from the Factory. In fact it is possible that NO Thruster came with a Factory serial number. Bikes have surfaced with them but it is unclear at this point that they were stamped by the factory or the owner.

More research on this is needed, but clearly no older Thruster had them from the factory. It therefore is also unclear if you can determine the year or anything from the serial number as it may not even be factory.


How to determine the model

Use the model guide here for top tube length and some model details


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First look at Thrusters   Leave a comment

You have to look closely. This ad was run during 1980 for Sal and Terry Zeuner’s bike shop, Pedaler’s East in Vineland, NJ. That is in Southern, NJ. Note the mountains in the background, that must mean the picture was taken in Wayne, NJ. I’d bet it was taken in front of the then Thruster headquarters at 45 Jerome Place, a house.   This was taken so early in Thrusters formation they don’t even have the logo yet it looks like, on the jerseys.

If you look real close you will also notice that Terry on our right is riding what looks like a traditional Thruster. Sal (on our left) is riding a different version. His has what looks like a single plate gusset with a large hole. Im glad the design on Terry’s bike won out, as it was unique.  Terry in 1980 rode for SE Racing.

Ok did some more digging. Note that Sal is using a white helmet and running Vbars. Later when he would be photographed for the March (probably pictures taken late 78 or early 79)  “Bicycle Motocross Action” cover and interview, he was now running tall black bars and yellow “Bicycle Motocross Action” pads. He was also then running a custom painted Thruster helmet with BMXA sticker on the visor.

I then found this photo taken the same weekend I began racing.  My first race was the ’78 NBA Schwinn Tour race at Vineland, NJ. That was July 1978. This second photo was taken at Craigmuer for the NBA East Coast Nationals that same weekend I think in July 1978. Unfortunately the photo lacks details to show the stickers on his bike etc.

But still it confirms that the above photo run during 1980 was indeed taken the summer of 1978.

So as of now, these are the two oldest pictures of Thruster I could find.

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November 1979 Jamie Burrows advertisement   Leave a comment

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January 1983 Franco Perrino advertisement   5 comments

January 1983 advertisement may be the last magazine ad run by Thruster. Will keep digging to be sure.

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Thruster Factory Team and Factory Support Racers   9 comments

Factory Racers
Marc Arles (???, 1983)

Vince Asbury (Florida, 1981)

Brad Birdwell (Alabama, 1983)

Jamie Burroughs (Florida, 1979-80?)

Frankie Chirlo (New Jersey, 1982-84?)

Jim Comeau (Massachusetts, 1984)

Brad Dalbec (New Jersey, 1981-84?)

Dave Dechert (New Jersey, 1983)

Kurt Esser (North Carolina, 1982-84, NBL National #1 13X 1984)

Ferdie Garcia (New Jersey, 1979-80)

Kathy Hanna (Indiana?, 1979)

Tim Judge (Florida, 1979-80)

Jeff Kerr (Maryland, 198?)Freestyler

Scott Lindstam (Florida, Years Unknown)

Hal Orr (Florida, 1979-80?)

Franco Perrino (New Jersey, 1980?-83)

Tommy Rubel (New Jersey, 1983)

Scott Stewart (New Jersey, 1983)

Tammy Willever (New Jersey, 1983?)

Chriss Williams (New Jersey, 1982?-83)

Sal Zeuner (New Jersey, 1978-79)

Terry Zeuner (New Jersey, 1978-79)

Factory Support Riders

Russ Peterson (New Jersey, 1980)

Alan Jessat (New Jersey, 1980)

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Thruster BMX Bike Models   5 comments

1978 Thruster (aka Thruster “LSR”)

1979 Thruster “Tim Judge Replica” 17 1/2″ TT, American BB (Chrome, Red, White or Blue)

1979 Thruster “Ferdie Garcia Replica” 18 1/2 TT, European BB (Chrome, Red, White or Blue)

1979 Thruster “Jamie Burroughs Replica” 18 1/2 TT, American BB (Chrome, Red, White or Blue)

1979 Thruster “II”  European BB 17″ TT, American BB

1980 Thruster “Vanishing Point” 18 1/2″ TT, American BB

1981 Thruster “Tri-Power” 18 1/2″ TT, American BB

1982 Thruster “Tri-Power XL” 19 1/2″? TT, American BB

1983? Thruster “Bi-Power” 18 1/2? TT, Milled American BB, Oval DT

1983? Thruster “Bi Power XL” 20 1/2″ TT, Milled American BB, Oval DT

1982 Thruster “Tri-Power Cruiser” “22 1/4” TT, American BB

1983 Thruster “Bi-Power Cruiser” “22 1/4” TT, Milled American BB, Oval DT

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March 1979 cover of “Bicycle Motocross Action”   Leave a comment

This issue was special to me. Sal was my favorite racer since meeting him. (See the welcome to this site). In this very issue I had a letter to the editor printed asking about more East Coast coverage. I had several copies of this issue, including one signed by Sal himself. All my magazines were stolen in Malaga, NJ in 1994 when I was part owner of  Hyper Bicycles.

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