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1983 Thruster Team Photo   3 comments

Brad Dalbec, a former Factory rider posted a link to his gallery of Thruster stuff. From it I grabbed these 1983 team photos. Pictures were taken at the 1983 Murray World Cup. You can visit the entire collection here Brad Dalbec’s Thruster Images
Note the Thruster “T” on the head badges. So we know they debuted by this time. We’d have to get some shots taken during 82 to see if they go back that far or if they debuted in ’83.

Not sure were all the riders. Most I already have on the Team Roster thread and knew what state they hailed from. Most from New Jersey, my old stomping grounds.


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Thruster Factory Team and Factory Support Racers   9 comments

Factory Racers
Marc Arles (???, 1983)

Vince Asbury (Florida, 1981)

Brad Birdwell (Alabama, 1983)

Jamie Burroughs (Florida, 1979-80?)

Frankie Chirlo (New Jersey, 1982-84?)

Jim Comeau (Massachusetts, 1984)

Brad Dalbec (New Jersey, 1981-84?)

Dave Dechert (New Jersey, 1983)

Kurt Esser (North Carolina, 1982-84, NBL National #1 13X 1984)

Ferdie Garcia (New Jersey, 1979-80)

Kathy Hanna (Indiana?, 1979)

Tim Judge (Florida, 1979-80)

Jeff Kerr (Maryland, 198?)Freestyler

Scott Lindstam (Florida, Years Unknown)

Hal Orr (Florida, 1979-80?)

Franco Perrino (New Jersey, 1980?-83)

Tommy Rubel (New Jersey, 1983)

Scott Stewart (New Jersey, 1983)

Tammy Willever (New Jersey, 1983?)

Chriss Williams (New Jersey, 1982?-83)

Sal Zeuner (New Jersey, 1978-79)

Terry Zeuner (New Jersey, 1978-79)

Factory Support Riders

Russ Peterson (New Jersey, 1980)

Alan Jessat (New Jersey, 1980)

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