Dave Dechert cover shot   3 comments

Factory Shimano star out of North New Jersey, Dave Dechert. Here “Dollar Dave”, is shown on his Thruster on the cover of Total BMX magazine. Total BMX was based in Pennsylvania and featured East Coast coverage.


Posted March 13, 2011 by Racer in 1981

3 responses to “Dave Dechert cover shot

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  1. Great blog, I just added you to my links. I love Total BMX cause I grew up in the South Bay only knowing the local west coast pubs. So when I open up a copy of TotalBMX it’s all new to me, I get all excited like I’m 12 years old again!! I’ve been scanning the issues I have in my collection and always looking for more. Do you know exactly what years it was published for?

    • Thanks for the nice words about the site. I used to have most of the old ToTal BMXs. I had my magazine collection including every PLUS, Action and most NBA, NBL and ABA papers stolen in South New Jersey in the mid 90s. I was at the race featured on the cover of the first issue. An indoor race in Philly. Not sure when it went out but I wwould guess it lasted from 80-82 or 83

  2. I remember you spending hours jumping your BMX bike in the rear of my apartment building in Budd Lake. Looks like all that practice payed off.

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