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Eventually I will do a Puch website once I find one. Till then I will include this reference to Puch as Thruster made this model. This is from former Factory Shimano racer, Dave Dechert.

“Great Site! I was NJ’s 1st AA Pro, NJ’s 1st Pro to Win a National. I raced the 1st race ever in NJ, May7,1976 in Millville, NJ. Eventually went on to race the the top Pro’s in 1982.
The East Coast Shimano Pro Team was put together by the late Charlie Litsky (*ed note- Factory Mongoose ’78) in 1979. The Team included Charlie, myself, Wayne McFarqhuar,and Kathy Schachel. (*ed note- Kathy’s brother John raced for Columbia)
We ran the Puch Prototypes that were built by Thruster. (We were Co-Sponsored by Thruster.) We ran them before the Puch emblem was inscribed and went into production. ( I have attached a Pic of my Puch, I recently acquired. )
I ran Puch Thruster 1979-1981, I have also attached my cover shot from Total BMX November 1981, riding a Thruster Vanishing Point. In 1982 I ran a Mongoose in the early part of the year because of the Contingency Award Program. Tom Daniels then Thruster Owner had a offer me a Nice Deal to Ride the Tri-Power.
Again, Great Site. The Northeast was/is a Major Force in BMX Racing.”
“Dollar” Dave Dechert


Posted February 10, 2011 by Racer in Bike Models

3 responses to “Puch Trak-Pro by Thruster

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  1. Please add my Torker blog to your list of reference sites.




  2. I was disheartened to see ‘Thruster’ department store bikes, recently. First, what a way to disgrace the brand, but why use a name that virtually no parent and absolutely no kid is going to know?

    Anyway, I was wondering if you knew anything about the history of ownership of the Thruster name after the demise of Speed Unlimited. It seems that one individual had been making (or planning)some newer Thrusters, but information is scarce.

    (I was clueless as a kid and got my info from BMXA. I picked a redline MX3, not even knowing Thruster existed, much less being from my home state.)

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