1983 Thruster Team Photo   3 comments

Brad Dalbec, a former Factory rider posted a link to his gallery of Thruster stuff. From it I grabbed these 1983 team photos. Pictures were taken at the 1983 Murray World Cup. You can visit the entire collection here Brad Dalbec’s Thruster Images
Note the Thruster “T” on the head badges. So we know they debuted by this time. We’d have to get some shots taken during 82 to see if they go back that far or if they debuted in ’83.

Not sure were all the riders. Most I already have on the Team Roster thread and knew what state they hailed from. Most from New Jersey, my old stomping grounds.


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3 responses to “1983 Thruster Team Photo

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  1. Hey, I was a team member in 79 to 80 and finished #1 in fbmx and second at the JAG championship in Indiana. Where’s the love. Paul Buchanan I remember tim and jamie. I think I was the best finish on the team at world championship. I guess I should have sent some photos in. Great web site. Paul

    • Hi Paul. I just went by old press releases and photos. I grew up racing in New Jersey so I was pretty familiar with Thruster but didnt know all the riders, many of whom were on Support rides for teams. Send in a picture and I will surely add it, bulletproof2000@live.com What year were you FBMXA #1? Did the FBMXA put out a newspaper or newsletter with points? If so can you tell me some of the other riders who earned a top 10 number by any chance?
      I was at the Indy Worlds in 80 also. Didnt do as good as you. Won all three motos (to the first turn lol) got pimped by a dirty rider (only way he could pass me the loser) all three motos and third moto he pimped me all the way into the stands! 3-3-5 and I didnt get out of my motos %$#$@#!@!

    • Love ya Brother. Mark Buchanan

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