June 1979 Product line advertisement   2 comments


Posted December 18, 2010 by Racer in 1979

2 responses to “June 1979 Product line advertisement

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  1. I remember these ads like it was yesterday…. Keep your eyes open for a new bike that is a relative to thruster. Called JEBCO.. Jersey bike co, I am have a few prototypes. Some very similar thruster trates. LOL I worked there thru thrusters existence,,

    • Sounds awesome. Shoot me some images of them when you want and I will post them. bulletproof2000@live.com
      Also tell us anything about your days at Thruster.
      Anything down to riders who may have worked with you. factory racers who talked to Thruster about riding for them but the deal ultimately fell thru. Any of the behind the scenes stuff you can remember.

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