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A little history. I began racing in 1978 as was there for the birth of Thruster, so to speak lol. I will get into more on that later. Since I began collecting BMX bikes a few years ago I noticed a lack of websites dedicated to the many different brands. Though some great sites did exist. Jamie has a killer Kuwahara site, there are  some great Hutch sites and a CW site. There is Spark’s Diamond Back site and a few others. So whenever I score a bike and it has no website, I make one. Well I just scored a Thruster!

Pictures of it will follow, once it is actually in my possession. Back to me being there at the start of Thruster. I made my first race in July 1978. It was at the NBA Schwinn Tour race in Vineland, NJ. There I met the Zeuners. I made my first race on a Schwinn Stingray. I knew nothing about BMX but I had gotten my first BMX magazine, so i got my parents to buy me a bike for my birthday in August. I went back to Vineland to buy a Jag they told me about over the phone that fit in my parents budget. It was almost a 2 hour drive from my home in Pennsylvania.

When I got to Pedaler’s East I saw the Jag and was like no way (it was sand with root beer brown Motomags). It was ugly. Sal was there, standing with a couple of men. He introduced me to them by name and said they were his new sponsors and were starting a bike company known as Speed Unlimited and the bike was the Thruster LSR. They had on the display case the blueprints out for the Thruster LSR.

Sal didn’t want me to leave the shop bummed I didn’t get anything. So he said wait one minute. I got something you may like. He came out of the back room with “his” MCS Z1. It was white, he said since he was leaving for Thruster he didn’t need it. He hadn’t even built it up yet. I left with the frame and with Powerlite forks and a set of blue alloy Araya wheels and blue alloy Sugino cranks. I already had a BMX products Gold Stem and Team Mongoose blue alloy bars.  The bike was sweet and fit my parents budget.

Sal was a great guy and would of course become my favorite racer. I even wrote this letter to “Bicycle Motocross Action” that was published in the same issue that Sal appears on the cover.

In 1979 I was racing alot and ready for a new bike. I didn’t go with Thruster. Every single kid in New Jersey seemed to have a Thruster, DG or Schwinn. So I went in a different direction and got a Torker. Never did get a Thruster – till now!


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  1. I really enjoy the info you’ve put on this site. Thank you very much!!! I have scans of original decals if you would like to add them to the sight. Could you add the colors each model was offered in? I still have my Thruster Vanishing point frame that I bought in 1980, and I’m working on restoring it right now. The color is the lighter blue, which came with blue decals.

  2. Hello i recently bought what appears to be a 1980 Trak Pro.I can;t find any serial numbers on the frame .Where should they be?Thanks !Rodger St.Petersburg ,Florida

    Rodger MacDonald
  3. By the way I also own 3 Tri-powers including an xl with the original box.Thanks again!Rodger

    Rodger MacDonald
  4. I have recently purchased a 1978 Thruster LSR frame & fork. It has a 17.5″ TT. The gusset behind the Bottom Bracket is a flat metal piece with a hole in it and is welded in place down between the centers of chainstay tubes rather than on the tops of chainstay tubes. The front gusset is welded fully along the entire gusset and around the corners at the top and down tubes. This frame must be 1 of the first as it is obvious much of the machining for the fork and rear dropout slots look as if done using several machining steps (rather than stamped out), and there appears to be bandsaw type cut marks. The welds look like the 1979’s. The Chrome is also of somewhat poor quality.

    The fork has the early style double half moon cut-out dropouts, and the less rounded profile at the top of the legs. The welded caps at the bottoms of the legs have small holes in the centers.

    The downtube and fork decals look like the 1979 decals, but use a slightly smaller font and read Thruster LSR. The Headtube decal is the traditional 1979 style.

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